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PVE模式随机掉落经验药水。 这些药水可用于任何英雄。

Stabilizing agents

When a hero reaches Levels 10, 15, 20, and 25, breakthrough potions were known as "Stabilizing Agents" are required to continue upgrading your heroes.
Level 10 requires 'normal' potion - stabilizing agent type I
Level 15 & 20 requires 'high' quality potion - stabilizing agent type II
Level 25 requires 'epic' quality potion - stabilizing agent type III
Example of stabilizing agent I (Left), and stablizing agent II (Right)

Where do I find Stabilizing Agents?

  • Daily missions and item rewards will be given to the first PVE level breakthrough
  • the progress of the PVE level affects the quality of the breakthrough item