🦸Purchasing Hero NFTs

To play the Defina game, players will need to purchase Hero NFTs or mystery boxes to start.

You need to obtain a minimum of 4 different heroes to be able to play the game. A Mystery Box contains one "unminted" hero NFT. Once you spend a small amount of BNB to open the Mystery Box you will obtain a "minted" hero NFT.

There are two places to purchase Mystery boxes and minted Heroes.

1. Official Mystery Box Sale

The NFT will be sold through Defina's Mystery Boxes Sale through a third-party platform. The mystery box will contain a hero that could be used in the game to play various modes.

2. Secondary Marketplace

Besides buying the hero NFT cards from Defina's official sale, players could also acquire mystery boxes and hero NFTs through the marketplace. Players can choose to buy, sell and trade their hero NFT cards on the open marketplace.

The marketplace supports players to sell/buy in FOC and FINA tokens.

More details about the marketplace can be found in the medium article.

More details about Hero mint rates and hero characteristics can be found in What is a hero? and集结您的战队.

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